Involvement in innovation projects

Our area of expertise lies predominantly in early project technical leadership, identification, startup, making speed, handing it over to others and follow up to make sure technical and business goals are achieved and risks (FMEA) are mitigated. Project stages and service content examples:

  • Establishing the Business Case What is the objective? What technology is considered, what is not and why? Which parties or people to involve? Inventory of prior technology use and experiences. What makes the technology different this time? What are the risks? Are subsidies available?
  • Project definition How to divide the work in different packages? What are the priorities? Who does what? Initial time estimates and project schedule. All in close collaboration with your project manager, to make sure this project gets anchored in your organization.
  • Project start At some point, the project gets sufficient traction, people can get allocated and engineering work just needs to be executed. Now, it is time for us to handover the project leadership to another tech-lead or project manager. We take a secondary role in 2 activities:
  • Recycle bin Some ideas are abandoned in an early stage, often on subjective arguments. Should they be reconsidered? We provide factual substantiation to support or reconsider ideas
  • Technical review and follow-up At every mile-stone or design freeze, engineering work needs to be reviewed, preferably by an independent engineer to make sure the original business case is achieved. See further Check and review.