Connect technical and business people

Example: you want to …

  • source and test main bearings (and testing takes a long time)
  • … from different bearing suppliers
  • … for different wind turbines
  • … for different wind farms
  • … operating under different environmental conditions
  • … different geographical locations
  • … using limited test facilities

and you want to know:

  • Which bearing and which test get the highest priority?
  • Which supplier provides the bearing for any new turbine?
  • How to minimize the overall business risk?

Technical people are discussing:

  • prior supplier experience and history
  • bearing failure modes
  • bearing prices
  • test details
  • field experience
  • service and repair costs
  • design choices made by others
  • future design improvements

All content is valid, but it’s still difficult to come to a decision that is understood, supported and agreed by all involved. Somebody has to bring people with different interests and coming from different backgrounds on the same page.

This is what Wind Engineering Solutions is good at. We get in touch with all stakeholders and through moderation, the solution and commitment to that solution will simply emerge among all involved.